sending your first rsvplease is simple.


1. generate an email address for your event.

Use this handy generator to the right to get you started. Then copy and add it to the BCC of your next group email.

2. draft an email to your friends you want to invite.

Don't BCC your friends, only rsvplease.

3. add your unique event email to the BCC field.

You can use our generator above, or just type it out directly in the email. Some examples are, or

4. press send! we take care of the rest.


Event Date

Event Time

5. plan anything with rsvplease and win up to $500.

We love it when people get together. Simply plan something using rsvplease by March 1, 2016 and you'll be entered to win up to $500 toward whatever cool thing you're planning.

For every person on your invite list, you'll receive one entry to win.