lets you organize anything and anyone with just one email. No downloads or logins needed.


The power of email

A personal email is the almighty-powerful tool for getting people together. We use it to contact people we know well, not at all, and everyone in between. Plus, it works with any device and the entire world already knows how to use it.

That's why we built rsvplease to maximize the power of one email to get people together. By using rsvplease with your next group email you're reducing the back and forth, followups, and cancellations associated with trying to get even a few people to commit.

Just send an email for whatever it is you want to plan and BCC [youreventdate] We’ll help take care of everything else, so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Plus it's completely free. So that's pretty cool.

The story of

rsvplease started with a frustration we've all experienced – planning. Who's in? Who's out? Why is so and so not responding? And how did a thread for brunch plans end up being 40 emails long?

The founders constantly found themselves wanting to organize something but not wanting to deal with the time-suck that came with it. So then, what to use? Group texts were out of the question for big groups (plus you might not have everyone's number), and facebook events just felt too impersonal for anything casual and short notice.

That's when it all made sense. What if there was a way to send one simple email to your friends, and let something else take care of the rest? After all, nothing seemed to bridge the gap of both friends vs. strangers and casual vs. formal events like sending a simple email.

So we created rsvplease so you can turn just one email to your friends into a full-fledged RSVP system that keeps track of everything for you. No signups, login's, or downloads needed – for you or your friends.

10 more ways to use

1. wrangling a dodgeball league
2. organizing a 20 person wine tour
3. finding 200 volunteers from an email list
4. gauging interest in a high school reunion
5. raising money for an insane bachelor party
6. putting butts in box seats at a game
7. planning attendance for a dinner party
8. group funding meals for new parents in need
9. getting commitment for an invite only limited seating event
10. finding people to take your last-minute tickets

And oh so many more...


What if I want to cancel my event?

On your daily status email there's a little link in the footer to "cancel my event". Click that.

What if I want to add a friend to the invite list after I've sent an rsvplease?

Reply to your original email (deleting any emails you don't want to be included in this email) and add your new guest in the TO field and "" in the BCC field. Your new guest will now be able to rsvp t

You can also click "add a guest" in the footer of the first email you receive from rsvplease.

Can guests forward their invitation to a friend?

We don't recommend it. The rsvplease is only valid for that specific email address. If a new person clicks responds to the email it will change your RSVP status. Just tell people to keep it exclusive, it's more fun that way.

Can I BCC my guest list?

rsvplease currently supports only having guests in the CC or To fields of the email. Only the email address can be in the BCC field. We're working on a solution for this.

Do I have to use a date for the BCC address?

Adding the date of your event to the BCC email address allows us to create a custom calendar invite for each guest that is attending and also lets us know when to stop the event emails. If you choose to not use a date (or use an incorrect date format) we'll send your rsvplease invites anyway, but you will have to tell your guests the date in the original email.

The easiest format to remember is writing the full month followed by the numerical day Example: or You can also add specific times like this: or

What's your zero-spam policy?

We don’t believe in spam, but we do believe that a simple follow-up email can make a difference in getting an answer from your friends or not.

As an initiator of an rsvplease, you’ll have full control at all times. You choose how often you want to remind your friends and at what point you want to stop.

Oh, one more thing.

We only email you and your friends about your thing, and your thing only. There won't be any emails sent afterwards, other than a note to just you to see how things went.

Can guests still reply-all?

Yes. The beauty of rsvplease is that it all happens within email. That means each guest can easily reply to the rsvplease invitation and the host will receive the email. Or they can simply reply-all to the original group email just like they normally would.


We're in Beta. Have a feature suggestion? Let us know!