email anyone and BCC [eventdate]

Got an idea that involves a group? Compose a group email and add [youreventdate] to the BCC field.

Examples include:


rsvplease will track who is in and out.

rsvplease automatically sends your email recipients a custom RSVP invitation seconds after your original email making it easy for them to respond right away.

Less follow-ups, less flakes, more good times.



rsvplease helps you stay on top of it all.

Choose to receive daily status updates of your event so you can easily stay on top of who's in, out, and MIA.



rsvplease reminds everyone when it's time.

When the day comes, your guests will automatically receive a calendar reminder for the event.


why rsvplease


works with any device or client

rsvplease is email-based so you can track who’s coming without you or your friends signing in or creating an account.


one email vs. hundreds

Rather than tallying up responses, we do it for you. Send your original email and leave the status updates and follow-ups to us.

no logins needed

We kept things as simple as sending an email. No logins, passwords, or apps needed. Just BCC: rsvplease and we'll take it from there.

safe and Secure

rsvplease has a zero-spam policy and is backed by secure servers so that you and your friend’s personal information always stays safe.

great for any event or contact

No matter the occasion or size of your group, rsvplease helps quickly rally your guests and keeps you informed.

keep it personal

rsvplease lets you keep that personal touch, so you can continue doing what you’re doing with a tad bit more efficiency.